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Punjab University Delegation Visit to CERN
Punjab University Delegation Visit to CERN

A delegation of scientists from University of the Punjab, which consists of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sharif, Dean Faculty of Science, Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan, Chairman Physics Department and Dr. Bilal Masud, Director CHEP, visited European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland from September 30 to October 03, 2019. The delegation had meetings with officials of CERN Dr. Federico Antinori, Head and Spokesperson of ALICE (A Large Ion Collidee Experiment) and Dr. Tapan Nayak, Deputy Spokesperson. Dr. Tapan Nayak led the delegation to the experimental site of ALICE at point 2, where the detector is installed. After the site visit, Dr. Federico Antinori gave a presentation on ALICE Experiment and its collaboration with Pakistani institutes. The members discussed various directions/possibilities by which a long collaboration between ALICE and University of the Punjab can be established. Dr. Luciano Musa who would be the new spokesperson of ALICE, also met with the members of the delegation. On the next day, the delegation had a detailed meeting with Dr. Urs Weidemann, Deputy Head of Theoretical Physics Department of CERN. In the meeting various possibilities of collaborative research between University of Punjab and CERN Theory were discussed. The delegation also visited the Inner Tracking System Laboratory of ALICE and had meetings with Physics Analysis Experts of ALICE. An extensive meeting was also held with Dr. Andreas Morcsch who is the Project Manager of Physics Analysis at ALICE. At the end, the members discussed formalities regarding the collaboration of University of the Punjab with ALICE and CERN Theory Department. Dr. Federico Antinori and Dr. Tapan Nayak thanked the members of the delegation for visiting CERN and hoped to start a long-term collaboration between University of the Punjab and CERN.