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PU Department of Philosophy organizes Iqbal memorial lecture
PU Department of Philosophy organizes Iqbal memorial lecture

LAHORE: (Thursday, December 1, 2022): Punjab University Department of Philosophy organized Iqbal Memorial Lecture on “The Qur’anic Principles for the Interpretation of the Qur’an and Critical Examination of the Basic Tenets of Islamic Theology” at Al Raazi Hall. On this occasion, In-charge Department of Philosophy Dr Muhammad Jawwad, former Chairman Department of Philosophy Prof Dr Abdul Hafeez Fazli, known scholar Prof Dr Absar Ahmad, faculty members and students were present. In his lecture, Dr Fazli said that The Quranic concept of rationality is based on Quranic principles stated in the Holy Book. He said that if the Muslims want to come out of this intellectual crisis, civilizational decline and the quagmire of sectarianism and wish to rise again on the horizons of civilizations, they should reconstruct their theology based on Quran. Dr Absar said that the subject of philosophy teaches us a lot. He said that we should adopt the habit of reading the Holy Quran with translation/comprehension. Dr Muhammad Jawwad thanked the speakers for the keynote speech for character building of the students. He said that the Quran is a reality without the guidance of which success in life is not possible.