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PU IAP organized a webinar entitled "Promoting Affection in Couples"
PU IAP organized a webinar entitled "Promoting Affection in Couples"

Institute of Applied Psychology has arranged a series of webinars for creating Mental Health Awareness as a part of Independence Day Celebrations 2021 that would be continued till the end of August, 2021.The webinar among the series, conducted on Saturday, 28th August, 2021 was by Ms. Najma Badar, who is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist serving at Services Hospital, Lahore, Iqra Medical Complex, Kanan Clinic, Shahrah, Aiwan-e-Snat-o-Tijarat Ruqayya Medical Centre, Punjab Society, Lahore. She conducted the webinar on “Promoting Affection in Couples”, at 11:30 am. The webinar was conducted through the platform of Institute of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, chaired by the Director of Institute of Applied Psychology, Prof. Dr. Rafia Rafique, and moderated by Miss. Zunaira Tariq. The talk focused around the rights and obligations of husband, wife and a couple as a unit to promote love, respect, trust and care. She highlighted the role of society in both the making and breaking of the bond between a husband and wife as well. The webinar was live streamed through the official Facebook page of IAP.