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PU faculty member honored
PU faculty member honored

One of the International PhD students, Mr Thomas Sam Yelland, who was mentored/co-supervised by Dr Syed Sheraz Daood (Associate Professor, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of the Punjab, Pakistan) has successfully defended his PhD for the degree of Engineering Doctorate on 18th August 2020 at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.
Dr Daood oversaw Mr Yelland in investigating the impact of catalytic additive on selective non-catalytic reduction and fireside corrosion during his research work at the University of Sheffield, UK. Dr William Nimmo has been Yelland’s main supervisor. The thesis titled “Cleaner coal combustion technologies” was examined by Dr Mohammad Zandi (The University of Sheffield, UK) and Dr Robin Irons (University of Nottingham, UK).
The said research work is novel and adds profound expansion to the original patented technology “Fuel enrichment process- GB 2516728” invented by Dr Daood and Dr Nimmo. Dr Syed Sheraz Daood is now developing catalytic additives using industrial waste resources of Pakistan at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. It is expected that successful trials of such additives derived from local waste resources would have multifaceted socioeconomic impacts such as; reduced emissions from process and power industrial sector, local production of competitive catalytic additives, cost savings in fuel for energy/power need, accessible technology to use for the local industrial sector etc. This effort will be inline with the vision of the Director of the Institute of Chemical Engg. & Tech., Prof Dr Abdullah Khan Durrani and leadership of the Vice-Chancellor of University of the Punjab, Prof Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhtar.
Internal Examiner (top left): Dr Mohammad Zandi, The University of Sheffield, UK. PhD student (top right): Mr Thomas Sam Yelland, The University of Sheffield, UK.
External Examiner (top centre): Dr Robin Irons, University of Nottingham, UK. Ph.D. Viva defence slide presentation (bottom centre)
Main Supervisor (bottom left): Dr William Nimmo, The University of Sheffield, UK. Co-supervisor (bottom right): Dr Syed Sheraz Daood, University of the Punjab, PK.