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From Space Missions to Space Explorations (PU-Physics)
From Space Missions to Space Explorations (PU-Physics)

Department of Physics, PU organized a  lecture by Mansoor Ahmed, Emeritus member of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center USA, on 8th November, 2019 in the seminar room of the department. Mansoor Ahmad served as Director Astrophysics Project and also as Program Manager for Hubble Space Telescope operations at NASA. Students, Faculty members and Alumni of the department attended the seminar. The topic of the seminar was "From Space Missions to Space Explorations". The speaker explained the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to what it looks like today. He discussed many questions related to space exploration, astrophysics and cosmology. He talked about the evolution of the universe, the origin of Earth, life on other planets, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, etc. He also discussed different possible techniques that can be used to probe far away stars and planets. The audience showed keen interest in the lecture. There was a question/answer session after the seminar.